A letter from the director…….

Dear Friends and Supporters of PCAA/Tin Shed Theater,

It has certainly been a strange and tense few months for us all. When the school closed we found ourselves making art packets for elementary school kids and for the first time ever giving art lessons and demonstrations via the internet. No school and quarantine meant no work for many of our teaching artists and the cancellation of the remaining 11 theater events meant no income for the theater. We’ve applied for assistance from grants to offset the losses and our teaching artists have kept busy beautifying our community.

One project can be seen at the Wild Life Corridor outside of Patagonia in the form of a water fountain. This agave mosaic was created by Martha Kelly and Tammie Quiroga. Another project completed this week is a Hummingbird mural at the Patagonia Visitors Center painted by Tammie Quiroga. All of this free time has given us the freedom for creativity and the opportunity to complete projects that have remained on the back burner. Up next the Paton Center trail posts…..

We also have a virtual exhibit to announce. The We Are Artists virtual exhibit show cases the art created by the members of the Santa Cruz Training program under the instruction of the teaching artists here at PCAA.

Click Here and enjoy the exhibit.

(you can also donate on our website!)

In other PCAA news, we made the hard decision to cancel our Summer Art Camp. We couldn’t see a way to keep everyone safe and felt that it was in the best interest of the community to sit it out for the summer. Honestly, we are not sure what the rest of the summer has in store and we will be ready for whatever may come. My hope is that we will be able to offer some week day matinees in the theater in the ladder part of the summer- possibly re-showing some of the previously shown films. It would be helpful to hear from you, our patrons. Tell us what you think and what you might be comfortable doing. Limited student clay workshops? Outdoor classes? Limited seating films? Open studio time for creativity?

We know that we need art, do you?

Email me at makeart1@msn.com

Stay Well,


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